Animal Cruelty - HART Animal Shelter

Several times a month HART receives calls about animal neglect and or cruelty from concerned citizens. I would like to explain how these calls are handled by HART staff.

First of all, HART does not have a humane investigator. Insurance liability is a major issue when it comes to investigations, and it is just too costly to carry this type of insurance. For this reason, HART does not go out to investigate calls.

When a complaint comes into HART from an area that isn’t contracted with animal control, the caller is referred to the Animal Humane Society located in the twin cities. If you are aware of a neglect or abuse situation you would need to do the following. Call Humane Agent, Amanda Oquist at 612 772 9999

The information you will need when placing a call is: you will have to give your name and a contact phone number, the physical address of the complaint, how many animals are involved, the type of animals and what the circumstances are. Calls will not be accepted from anonymous callers or investigated without complete information.