Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process when an animal comes into the shelter?

When an animal comes to the shelter it is held according to how it came in. Impound and stray
animals are legally held for seven (7) days, unless they are sick, injured or very aggressive. A personally owned animal that is surrendered will be given an adjustment time in the quite area of the shelter before being put up for adoption. All animals put up for adoption will be temperament tested, heartworm tested, feline leukemia tested, vaccinated, and wormed as well as started on heartworm and flea\tick preventative

Is HART a “No-Kill” Shelter?

HART is “Open Door” Shelter, which means all stray animals are taken in. No STRAY animal is discriminated on intake because of age, medical issues or temperament. Many shelters take in only the highly adoptable animals, HART does not. Also, HART does impounding for area municipalities and that includes having to euthanize the injured, sick and dangerous animals in our care.

Why does HART charge an adoption fee, when they could just find “good homes” for the animals?

Giving a pet away makes it very “disposable”. Every animal that is adopted from HART has been; altered, vaccinated, wormed, heartworm or feline leukemia tested, given heartworm, flea & tick preventative and cared for on an average of twenty one (21) days.

How long are animals held in impound before going to the adoption floor?

All animals are held seven (7) days unless they are injured, ill or aggressive to the point of putting staff in danger.

If a dog has tags do you try locating the owner or call the vet on the rabies tag?

Absolutely. Keep info on tags CURRENT, this will assure your pet can be returned safely and in a
timely manner.

What number do I call when I find a stray?

Contact your local law enforcement to see if you are in an impound pickup area, or HART at 829 4141

Do you check for Lymes when stray comes in?

Not unless they are showing symptoms of being ill

Who do I contact if I think an animal is being abused?

You can contact your local law enforcement agency or the state humane agent at 612 772 9999. You will need to be very specific on location of animal and be willing to give your information as well. It will be kept confidential but investigators will need it.