Adoption Policies

Thank you for considering adopting a shelter animal. HART feels that anyone making this consideration needs to know what their responsibility will be with any HART animal.

  • An adopter must be 18 years of age or older to adopt an animal.
  • A current photo ID is required.
  • All adopters must fill out an adoption application and have it approved before adopting.

Health and Wellness:
Due to the manner in which the animals come into HART, we cannot always determine an animal’s past, present or future health.

  • HART animals HAVE NOT had a wellness examination by the shelter veterinarian. If an animal shows symptom of being ill the shelter manager consults with the shelter veterinarian and follows his recommendations for that animal.
  • Upon intake all animals receive vaccinations, deworming, a flea/tick preventative and are tested for heart worm and feline leukemia. A second course of deworming may be necessary after adoption if parasites are seen.
  • Although vaccinated upon intake the animal you are adopting may break with kennel cough(dogs) or upper respiratory infection(cats). These diseases are present in kennel situations and every precaution is taken to limit exposure of these illnesses.
  • The animal’s vaccination record will be reviewed and given to you at the time of adoption.
  • HART highly recommends that you take this pet to your veterinarian for a full wellness exam during the two week trial period. HART does not administer the rabies vaccine, as this must be done by a licensed veterinarian.
  • If the animal you are considering has not been spayed/neutered, the following procedure will be followed. You will be charged a $50.00 deposit, which will be fully refunded upon HART receiving proof of alteration. This deposit is to ensure the pet is brought to the spay/neuter appointment, which we schedule and pay for. You may choose to have the pet spayed/neutered by a veterinarian of your choosing. However, this would be at your full expense. HART only pays for procedures we schedule.
  • Once you adopt the animal you are responsible for ALL medical expenses. Please know that you may have to treat the animal for an illness it leaves the shelter with. Pets require regular veterinary care. If you are unwilling to invest the time and money into this animal, it is not the animal for you.

Return Policy
All adoptions have a two week return policy.

  • If you return the pet within the first two (2) weeks from the date of adoption you will be given a non-transferable exchange voucher for the amount of the adoption fee minus $15.00. This can be used to adopt another animal. No monetary refunds will be given.
  • In the event the adopted pet is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, within the first two weeks of adoption, by a licensed veterinarian; the adopter may return the pet with documentation for a full refund of the adoption fee.
  • After the two (2) week period, if you can no longer care for the pet, please contact HART to discuss option for rehoming. A $25.00 surrender fee will be charged if the animal is surrendered back to HART.

Additional Information:

  • HART cannot guarantee what the animal’s temperament will be once it leaves the shelter. We can only tell you what we observe in a kennel situation.
  • Dogs must pass a temperament test prior to being placed for adoption, this only means they showed appropriate behavior while in HART’s care.
  • Shelter animals require lots of attention and need proper training. Do not expect that the animal will know how to do everything right away.

Ownership Agreement:
Once the adoption is finalized;

  • You agree to take full responsibility for the care and well-being of this pet.
  • HART will not be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred. You will sign a waiver to this effect.
  • You will be signing a legally binding contract.