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Cat Information:

Cat Fanciers Association, list of cat breeds. Gives a brief description, history and also gives you an idea if this breed is right for you.

Cat Breeds


Can't find your question or problem? This site has great arcticles to put you in the right direction.


Choosing your new cat. Young or old? Long haired or short? Which is best for you?

New friend


Coming home! Tips to help make home life easier.

Settling in


Aggression between cats


Cat proofing. Tips to keep your friend safe.

12 tips


Kitten tips.

Kittens first 18 months

Play nice


Cat toys. Cat toys dos and dont's.



Cat nip. Why your cat goes crazy for it.

Cat nip


Helping a fear cat.

Scaredy cat


Benefits of an indoor cat. From heallth benefits to safety, why an indoor cat lives longer and healthier than an outside cat.

Moving in

Staying happy inside


Spaying and neutering. From health benefits to behavioral, learn why spaying and neutering is beneficial!

Altering benefits

Low cost spay/neuter


Cat health tips. Is your cat sick?

Is he sick

Health issues


Nail trimmings. Trimming is easy once learned.  It is highly recommended you have someone such as a vet show you how to clip, as clipping too much results in the quick being painful and results in bleeding claws that can be hard to stop.

Trimming 101


Essentials for  your new feline. Keep your kitty healthy with these tips!

Staying healthy


Hiding places


Signs of an emergecy. Should Cuddles go to the emergency vet?

Source One

Source Two


Poison free home. You'd be surprise the common foods that are considered poisonous to our feline friends and seemingly harmless items that can land your pet in the ER.


Household dangers


Odd eating habits. Learn what pica and sucking behaviors are and tips to stop it.

Eating habits


Marking and litterbox problems and solutions.


Litterbox problem prevention tips

Litterbox 101


Understand cat language.

Cat communication


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