4 Tips to Prevent a Lost Pet

Losing a pet cam be a devastating loss, but there are several things you can to do to help prevent the loss of a pet. Consider the type of pet that you have when deciding on steps to take to prevent the loss of your pet. An indoor/outdoor pet will require additional precautions as opposed to a strictly indoor or kenneled animal.

Have your cat &/or dog micro-chipped by your vet. (The chip is a little larger than a grain of rice and inserted under the skin with a needle. Upon finding your pet by someone with a scanner, it will be scanned and traced back to you.) The chip can never be lost by your pet and is its' permanent identification. Pets have been found weeks later and in other cities after being lost.

In addition your pet should always wear a collar with a tag that clearly shows current address and phone number. Just in case your neighbor finds your friend. Cats should always wear a breakaway collar, they should NEVER wear a dog collar or collar that won't allow them to break free in case the collar becomes entangled on a branch or other object. Deaths have happened from not using an appropriate collar. Tags can be ordered online and be mail ordered or be made at Ace Hardware on the spot.

Wired/Wireless Fence:
If your pet also wears a fence containment collar as well, check and replace the collar batteries more often than needed so as to prevent lapses in coverage. If you do not have a fence, pets should be leash walked or monitored while being outside. A bored or lonley dog will roam.

Keep updated clear pictures just incase. These are very helpful in finding your pet.