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 Stop in and purchase a heart to help HART! Red $1 Gold $5 Write your name, pets name or in memory of a pet or even a loved one. It's a great way to remember those who are no longer with us. Stop in and add your heart to our wall!

Happy February all! Hope you had a great 1st month of the year. Every week this month we are going to feature an eligible dog and cat bachelor and bachelorette. The dogs adoption fee will be reduced to $150 + tax and the cats adoption fee will be reduced to $50 + tax. If any bachelor/ette are not altered there will be a $50 refundable deposit due at time of adoption.

This weeks eligible bachelor and bachelorettes are below. Stay tuned every Tuesday to see who is up next in their search to find everlasting love.

Chester                      Fiona                               Gabe                                              Queen

Dogs have different personalities just like people. Don't you agree?

Follow us to our dog area. As we walk down the isle of dogs, you will see dogs sometimes cowaring in the corner hoping to not be seen. Others at the front wagging their tail happily. Others jumping up, hoping for a walk. Then we have the ones jumping and barking "aggressively" at the front. Scary huh?

The ones cowaring are usually our newest residents and need time and love to come around. The "aggressive" ones are usually our long term residents. They have learned to defend their kennel like they would a house. That's what normal dogs do.

Sometimes they look and sound aggressive, but they are demanding attention. Out of the kennel they're like putty in your hands! These dogs are, our current hard to place dogs because of this. Learn what we love about them and see the "real" personality, perhaps give one a loving home.



Fiona, a pointer mix, 1.5 years old. Fiona keeps her kennel clean, loves to run and play outside, especially with toys. She loves to roll around in the snow. She loves attention from people and is a bit of a cuddler. She has learned to "talk" from staff and is an all around sweetheart! She's got character!



 Stop in and give one of these furbabies a chance, they'll show you more love than you can imagine!

TRAINING: HART gets many calls from people who are having training difficulties with their dogs and either want help or want to surrender their dog to HART. We also get dogs returned because of behavior and training issues. The Brainerd Lakes area has some very excellent training facilities and I would like to share them with you.


FULL TILT K-9 TRAINING: 218 330 1693


Each of these businesses offer a little different approach to dog training and activities. Give then a call and make you and your dog happy..

PULLTABS: HART would like to introduce the two new area restaurants that are selling pulltabs for the animals...

Please stop by and support these two great places and pull for the animals.....

Although GiveMN is over, we always are accepting donations. After all we are nonprofit and rely on donations from the community! The costs to care for our critters is more than you'd imagine. There is the spay or neuter, shots, heartworm test, heartworm medication, flea and tick preventative, dental if applicable or other unforseen vet bills, add to that the mortgage, heat to keep the animals warm and many more. If you can help out, even $10 helps. It all adds up. Thank you! Donate below.

Thank you for having a HART! Donate HERE!

We also are in need of scoopable cat litter and adult cat food.



 But no animal to fit it? Name one of our cats for just $5.00!

All names are subject to approval by our staff.

Have your business sponsored on our business wall, website and facebook site! For a donation of $500. This donation offsets the cost of "Operation Renovation." If you would like to sponser a week and help with this operation, please contact Donna at HART.


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