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Operation Renovation:

In October of 2013 the HART board of directors voted to sell property that had been bought to construct a new shelter on, and to do a major renovation of the existing shelter on Dellwood Drive.
The firm of Widseth Smith Nolthing was contacted to start an architectural design for the renovation. Doug Archer worked with the city of Baxter, Hart Executive Director and the Board of Directors over the winter months to develop the design to move ahead with the renovation. The design was approved by the board and renovation was scheduled to start about May 5, 2013. Total cost to do this renovation was about $500,000. This would include repairing some structural issues as well as updating some water issues. Only minimal repairs had been done to the shelter over the past twenty-two years.

Hy-Tec Construction was selected as the general con tractor for the project. Jeff Hanson, project Manager for Hy-Tec, then selected local sub-contractors to do the project. This was an important detail for the board as HART receives financial support from the local community.
Monday May 5, 2014 the shelter was empty and the renovation was started. The design called for gutting out the interior of the building, excluding the existing impound area. Within a week the shelter was bare and new construction had begun. The only changes made to the exterior were new doors, windows and signage.

Everything that was constructed or installed in the shelter has been designed specifically for an animal shelter and is of the highest quality. This includes a very efficient air quality and heating /cooling systems. All new dog kennels were constructed with individual drains to prevent disease, and gates that open to staff only. Two new cat rooms were constructed, a meet and greet room as well as a puppy play room and small animal room. The medical room was designed with adequate lighting and work space. The reception and lobby area has been designed to better accommodate incoming and outgoing animals as well as lessen the congestion of visitors. A much needed isolation room was added. The education room received a much needed update as well.
After many years of planning, the doors finally opened on September 12, 2014 to reveal the newly renovated shelter.

Thank you to everyone for the support to make this dream a reality.

How is the renovation funded?

HART had about $225,000 to contribute to the project. This money came from the sale of property, building project funds that had been designated over the past few years, and private donations. The remaining amount of money to complete the project was secured through a bank mortgage. HART will be doing a “Reduce the Mortgage” fundraising campaign starting early spring of 2015. It is the intentions of the board to be able to generate enough revenue to pay the annual mortgage payment. HART also offers a pledge opportunity for people who are more comfortable donating on monthly, quarterly or annual bases. If this is something you would be interested in pursuing please check the website hartpets.org or give the shelter a call. It is very easy to set-up and guarantees and income to reduce the mortgage.

All donations over $100.00 will receive a paw print on the “Thank You” wall in the lobby. These paw prints have your name engraved and can be dedicated to someone, in memory or in honor of a loved one.
That dang parking lot:

With the beautiful renovation, I assume many people are thinking; why didn’t they do something to fix that horrible parking lot? The answer is very simple, we would have loved to pave the lot and get the water draining in the right direction. But we just did not have enough money to make that happen. As funds become available that is the next project on the list.


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