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We have added a couple new pet promotions at HART, to help some of our long term animals find homes that have really been working well. The first one that we started is called “Share if you Care” and is featured on HART’s Facebook page. Every Monday we post a photo of an animal with a description that needs to find a home. We ask that people “Share” the post with all of their Facebook friends, which could give this animal the potential to be seen by hundreds of people. Almost all of the animals we have posted on “Share if you Care” have been adopted as a direct result of having them promoted on Facebook. If you are already on our Facebook page, please share our weekly pet! Ifs you are not on HART’s Facebook page, please find and ‘like’ our page.

The other ongoing promotion we have is to help our long-term cats that are up for adoption. At all times we have 2-3 cats on the adoption floor that are at a reduced adoption fee of $30 instead of the usual $75. These are cats that have been up for adoption for several months and need some help getting noticed and adopted. This has made a significant difference for our long term cats. It gets people to look more closely and get to know them. As a result, they are adopted more quickly, which opens up space for other cats that are waiting to be adopted.

Also, please don’t forget that we still have our “Golden Heart” program. Any animal at the shelter that has a gold heart sticker on its kennel card is considered a senior. If a senior pet is adopted by a senior citizen, they get 50% off of the adoption fee. Senior pets are always at a discounted adoption fee. So, whether you are a senior or not, senior pets are always at a discounted adoption fee. Senior pets do not usually adjust very well to shelter life, so we try to get them adopted and out of the shelter as soon as we can. The older dogs and cats still have lots of love to give and make great, calm and loving pets!

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