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Barn cat adoption:

You can get an application for barn cat adoption below.

Thank you for considering adopting a barn cat from HART. The cats we are adopting through this program are cats that would have previously been deemed “un-adoptable” due to things like inconsistent litter box habits, behavioral issues, shy/fearfulness of people, or cats that simply prefer living outdoors. These cat’s personalities will range from friendly to severely shy/scared of people. We will not place cats under 6 months in this program or cats that are best suited as house cats.

If you have a safe, warm barn and would like to adopt barn cats, please fill out and return the barn cat application to HART. We are developing a waiting list so that when such cats come into the shelter, we can quickly place them through this program.

What are the benefits to having a barn cat?
Adopting a barn cat will do wonders for controlling the rodent population in your barn or outdoor structure. There will be no need for traps or poisons when you have a barn cat. You will also have the satisfaction of giving these cats a much needed home!

What will you provide?
You will provide a warm, secure building for the cats along with food and water daily. You will need to confine the cat in the building with a litter box for at least 2 weeks so they acclimate to their new environment before release. If the cat cannot be confined in the building, HART will provide a large dog crate for confinement until the release time. You will need to check on the cat daily, especially during the confinement period to clean the litter box, provide food/water, and to familiarize yourself with the cat. We also recommend a small amount of canned food daily and then to slowly taper it off as the cat seems to adjust to its new home.

What will HART provide?

* All cats will be spayed/neutered prior to placement

* All cats will be vaccinated for rabies and FVRCP

* All cats will be examined and treated for fleas and ear mites

* All cats will be feline leukemia tested

* HART can provide a large dog kennel for confinement, if needed

* We will provide information and follow up phone calls for cats in this program.

What is the adoption fee?

Our barn cat adoption fee is $20 per cat. This fee does not cover, but contributes to the cost of vaccines, spay/neuter, and other treatments the cat receives before placement.

Why do they need to be confined for 2 weeks?

The cat(s) need to be confined for at least two weeks to familiarize themselves with their new environment, so that they will remain on the premises. Cats will leave upon arrival if released before they are familiar with their surroundings, and will likely never be seen again.

What happens after the confinement period?
If the cat has been crated, it is best to close all doors and windows in the structure, and release the cat in the evening and then leave them to explore their new surroundings all night. You will need to continue to provide food and water daily for the cat, as they are territorial creatures that will return to where a continuous food source is provided and where they feel safe. Continue giving canned food daily until you feel certain that the cat sees the structure as their home and will stick around.

Do not release if it is raining or there is a potential for rain. Cats find their home by scent, and rain will wash it away.

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