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Animal Control Officer: Jack Herrmann


Having grown up with dogs, they have always been like a furry family member. After attending CLC's Criminal Justice program, my life of public service took its course. Working in less than desirable metro communities and being an Organized Retail Crime Investigator on a Metro area task force, my greatest duty was being a K9 handler; even for the short period of time it was, my love for dogs grew. Only a K9 will place fear aside and put themselves between their family and a life threatening situation, without question or hesitation.


I chose to venture into a new career path. Attending Columbia Southern University for Occupational Health and Safety, my new path led to Directing and Managing Corporate Safety. My strive and passion was on many areas of the industry but one of my major directives focused on making sure every worker came to work with 10 fingers, and left with 10 fingers. With 14 hour work days and constant business trips, I still found time to pursue my hobbies of Photography, Woodworking and taking care of our horses.


I was fortunate to meet and marry my beautiful wife and start growing our family... and grow we did, to an almost overwhelming 5 kids! In the summer of 2017, we made the decision to move to the Brainerd area for my wives career.


This move led me to where I am now at Animal Control Enforcement, serving the communities of the Brainerd Lakes Area. I am happy to provide some of the necessary services that enhance the quality of living, and again being able to assist with the overall public safety of our communities.

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