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More Walk Information:

 "Here is the “Scoop

* Date and time of walk: Saturday May 6, 2017.

* Registration at 9:30 am walk begins at 10:00 am.

* Event will be held at the Nisswa Community Center, Nisswa, MN.

* The walk will be 5 miles on the beautiful Paul Bunyan Trail.

* Free coffee and donuts before the walk.

* Coney dogs, chips and hot fudge sundaes will be sold.

* All dogs need to be current on vaccinations.

* All dogs need to play well with other dogs.

* For everyone’s safety, NO FLEXI leads will be allowed.

* If your dog is in heat, do not bring it.


Fun Events

* For a small $5.00 fee you can participate in all these fun events.

* Pet & People costume contest.

* Pet Parade.

* “Hot Diggity Dog Dash.”

    Your dog will be timed on a 150 foot dash.

* Doggie Musical Chairs.

* Prizes will be awarded to dog and owner, winners in all events!!!!!

* Visit animal related vendors.


How do I sign up?

* Pick up a pledge sheet at HART (or print a copy here) and get pledge money from

  everyone you know.

* Start a “Team Competition" with friends, family, co-workers and win a prize.

* You can donate above.

* Donate the day of the walk.

* To maintain our status of “All money raised is used for direct animal care” we do not

   offer any prizes for different levels of pledge money.


So mark your calendars and get your leashes out and join us for this great event.


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